Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mungu Yu Mwema!

The title is in Swahili, which translated is "God is so good." And God is good!
This past week, God has shown Himself to Nate, Sean and me in His own little ways: nothing big and flashy, but quietly and subtle, just enough to let us know that it was Him.

First being that Sean took four, count 'em, FOUR steeps to me Monday! He had pulled himself up on a chair, saw me and decided to walk to his mommy. Nate and I were thrilled! I scooped him up, cheered, and that startled him! (sorry Sean...) He's been taking a few steeps and standing short periods by himself all week!
Mungu Yu Mwema!

Tuesday night was the biggest scare in Sean history. We recently rearranged our family room so we can cut down on clutter and have a better area for Sean to crawl/learn to walk it. All of us were out in the room getting ready for dinner (we were having an indoor picnic). I left to get dinner plated when all of a sudden I heard Nate use a 4-letter word, a loud thud and Sean scream.
I ran to the baby gate (our house doesn't have many doors) and saw Sean lying on the floor and the TV right next to him. Nate said that he pulled it over.
My mind automatically went into worst case mode; the TV fell on him! But, praise be to God, Nate saw it starting to tip and pushed it out of Sean's path. The screaming Sean was doing was from being scared, which is completely understandable.
Mungu Yu Mwema!

Last night, Nate went to teach Bible class at church, which is about a 30-40 minute drive. Sean went to Grandmas and Grandpas, and I ended up staying home (long story, don't ask). Money is tight, as it is with most everyone; but it's real tight for us. So, as I was at home by myself (which was nice, I have to admit) cleaning the cupboards, I prayed. I prayed for a miracle so that we could put gas into the car so we can get through the week without running out.
God answered that today. Earlier this month, I made a cake for my grammy's church. I thought that she had already payed me in advance, but this morning (I'm at her house till 3:30-ish) she gave me $10 for the cake. I explained that she already payed me, but she said that she wanted me to have it, since the cake was just 'exceptionally good'. See the power of prayer?
Mungu Yu Mwema!

And today there is another reason to rejoice. Nate went to the doctor for a follow up for the diverticulitis and was still having pain in his belly. We were both concerned that the infection was still there and that another hospitalization would be necessary.
At the doctor, the surgent found that the pain is caused form the fat around the colon twisted and the cells died off. The only problem that will cause is just some pain and discomfort, which can be controlled with OTC pain meds. All of the infection in Nate's colon is gone!
Mungu Yu Mwema!

I could be complaining right now about the cold rain were having, or that I haven't been feeling well lately, or any number of things. But after doing a mental review of this week, I don't want to. God had been faithful, God has been good to us. God be praised forever!

Not Me! Monday

Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Sean is playing on the floor in our newly rearranged front room and I am not letting him pull the DVD jewel cases out of the holders. It's was so cute when he did not open Short Circuit and start smugging his little fingerprints all over it. I certainly was not tempted about letting him destory it be cause I do not hate that movie that Nate loves.
And I am by no means smelling a diaper that needs changed, but an letting Sean play with it on, because he's not fussing and, simply, I need a moment.

I did not stay up till 12:30 this morning getting lunch ready for Nate, boiling eggs for breakfast, finding that gas card and then finally able to get a shower, only to have the gas card left behind by my dear husband. At least he took the lunch and eggs....

I did not just change Sean's diapie butt and then left him in his room to crawl around in because he was just so happy to crawl in their.

And just for the record I am not feeling not guilty for abandoning cloth diapers once our washing machine broke and have not gone back.

Sean has not shown a sudden increased interest in nursing and I am not hungry all the time again. I am not hungry right now because I have (not) eaten breakfast, and I am not going to get some.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photos from Omaha

Okay, so they're super late, but I can't keep them to myself any longer:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me!

Okay, I'm still waiting for the Mcklinky to go up, but even if it doesn't, I'm doing a "Not Me!" Monday. Remember "Not Me!" Monday was started by MckMama; any and all rules are linked in her side bar.

First, I did not forget to tell y'all that Nate is out of hospital, doing fine and feels great. Not me!

I did not miss the third Sunday church service in a row because I am so worn out by Sunday morning! Not me!

I did not give Sean some pizza crust at dinner Friday to keep him occupied at the pizzeria. Not Me!

I did not ask my visiting mother-in-law help us move furniture in out living room to re-arrange the space. Not Me!

I am not freaking out even though I'm 'late', and have been taking my BC every day right on time; and I have not thought about picking up a home pregnancy test, just in case, even though it's just my body reacting to the stress of last week. Not Me!

Lastly, I did not spend the night at my parents house last night so I could sleep in a bed that didn't hurt my back. Not Me!

Uhhhhhhhhhhggg...... Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Change in Plans

I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday and blog tomorrow about how crazy the past two weeks have been; Omaha Zoo trips, birthdays, Broadway shows, surprise parties, and so on.
But all of that changed this afternoon.....
Monday, Nate was diagnosed with diverticulitis, which is rare in a 27-year-old. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and tool him to keep in touch if anything new came up. That night, he spiked a temperature with a splitting headache, vertigo extreme nausea (which we figured out was him not taking his meds with food). Tylenol brought the fever down, but it kept coming back.
He called the Doctor this morning about the fever and headache, and the Doc said to high tail it to the ER to make sure there wasn't an abscess. My grammy was able to shuffle the three of us to M----- Hospital and take Sean to her place. Nate and I were there for about three hours, and after some abdomanel x-rays, IV antibiotics and blood work, his temp was still slowly climbing; from 98.8F at ER admission to 99.1/99.2F an hour and a half later - on antibiotics. That got the doctors scratching their heads.... plus the fact that nate started to get a rash raised some red flags. The rash probably was from the hospital linnes (my hands were started to turn pink for handling them, too. Stupid sensitive skin...), the the doctors had to treat it as if it were the medications - just to be safe.
He was admitted at around three thirty this afternoon. His parents came in from Ill. and are staying with his brother for the night. Tomorrow we're going to make plans on who is visiting when and watching Sean, and to help me out. The stay is 24 hours at bear minimum, it could be longer if need be. A CAT scan is going to be done sometime tomorrow morning to see if they can find anything the couldn't the first time without the dye stuff.
I know that I shouldn't worry like our pastor told me, but where Nate hasn't been able to work all week we are going to be really hurting when we are already between a rock and a hard spot financially.
I know that not a lot of anyone reads this blog, but if you are one of the few who do, please leave a comment and say a prayer for Nate, Sean and myself. We need it.