Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holy Crud!

Has it seriously been over a month since I last posted?

Sean has changes so much too fast. He turned 4 months this last week.

He is a really social baby who loves to 'flirt' with just about everybody. But out of all the people he visits on a regular bases, he talks the most to my mother. I honestly thing he’s going to be ‘Grandma’s Little Buddy” when he’s older. My mom just loves being Grandma.

I just love how we can see his own little personality sparkling in his eyes. He is so curious! Everything he looks at, he look at it with a sense of wonder... and “okay, how can I get it in my mouth?” and I mean everything! His feet, blankets, toys, our glasses... you name it, it’s in his mouth. Time to start baby proofing! Especially since he has figured out how to flip from his back to his tummy – then back to his back. He’s getting too big too fast, so I’m just going to love every stage while it last... True there are times where I need a break – either to get some things done or for a ‘mental holiday’ – but I have a wonderful support group of family and friends who are my God-sent angels – and Nate is my everything!

Nate is so good with Sean! Sean just loves his daddy’s fuzzy beard and pulling off his glasses. If Nate weren’t here, I most defiantly would be loosing my mind more than I already am.

This is going totally off the baby topic, but this is something that I feel pretty bad about and need to get it off my chest. About three and a half weeks ago, there was a severe house fire on out street. Everyone was okay, but their house in now uninhabitable. The night of the fire, I went down to the scene to see if they needed any help with first aid administration (since I know how to do that) and there were, I swear, five people, probably between the ages of 17-25, all with their camera phones video recording the fire. Two hours later, my husband found the footage on YouTube with things like ‘so cool’ and ‘awesome!’ in the description box.

I’m sorry, that makes me livid! I am tired of using other people’s devastation for a laugh or two. The next day while taking Sean and Tobey Dog on a walk, the family who lived there were trying to salvage what they could. I had about $40 of mad money stashed away and I figured that they needed it more than I did. The lady of the house was so overwhelmed and heartbroken. Those neighbors who were using that for entertainment just make me sick!

Back to baby.

Here are photos!:

Teddy Bear

I like Beef!



And this is because I am so tired of girls getting all of the cutesy outfits:

I took a 50¢ onesie I got at my friends store and an old cloth diapie that had a fun pattern. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Now what to do with the other one….