Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me!!

For MckMama's "Mot Me! Monday" I thought that I should put my 2 cents worth in...

First off this is not my first entry for the project!

And during our family's weekend vacation to Omaha, I did not let my son eat a jar of pasta and roasted veggies and then ask the server for some sauce-less pasta for him! Not me!
I did not nurse him to sleep this morning in bed and doze off myself, nor did I do that two times, at 5:30 and 7am!
I most certainly did not royally tick him off by pealing back his lips to see the three teeth that came in today! Who do you think I am!
I am not letting him sleep with one of the lacy washcloths I knit because he likes to snuggle it and chew the corner! That is inconceivable! Who would let there child sleep like that!
And, of coarse, I am dressed and have my hair combed and teeth bushed, have a fresh sweep of make-up on and sweet smelling perfume! Who would want to lounge around in there pajamas all day after an eight hour car ride the night before?!? Are you crazy?!?

Just to clarify, this is all tong in cheek. I really did those things and I am not ashamed to admit it.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleep Sleep Sleepy

The theme of our house had been "I'm tired" for the past several days.

Tobey, well, Tobey is always lounging around. It's just part of his temperament, but also he's getting old (almost 8). And while he is lounging, he demands tummy rubs... and I am a sucker for an exposed tummy.
I really need to get him together with his dog cousins; they always give his a good burst of energy, since one is a terrier and the other a puppy. Plus, he really enjoys playing with them.

Nate has been tired form allergies. If it's green and grows, he's allergic to it; the main reason I haven't gotten flowers in over two-and-a-half years. He's feeling better now; the sinus infection has been killed with antibiotics and grapefruit juice.

I have conic insomnia, which always gets worse a week to week-and-a-half before.... um, 'that time' and I'll be up till sometimes 2:30am. It's not like I want to do it or I'm trying to stay up on purpose! I just can't shut off my mind and go to sleep. You think that I should see a doctor?

Last is Sean. Sean slept form 9:45pm to 7am and is now back to sleep at 8am. I don't blame him and I am not worried in the least.
1) Sean had a very busy weekend. Friends came in town Friday, Daddy and Sean ran all over town on Saturday, and Sunday, Sean went to his friend, Tommy's, first birthday party.
2) Sean got his flu shot yesterday. Yes, I vaccinate my child. Look at some of my older post on what I think about it. But tiredness is a very common side effect of the flu shot. I'm keeping an eye on him though, just to make sure nothing new shows up. (A slight fever is also common with the flu shot, but I know how to handle a low grade temp. ^_^)

I wish that I had some more newer photos of Sean... well, I do, but their on my phone and I have yet to figure how to get them onto my computer. But I do have this next one of Sean and Nate and my new nephew dog, Cooper.
~Say good-bye, boys!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mini Monet!

Hi there.
First thing and it's real weird; I was up at 6am, on my own, and feeling totally refreshed. I NEVER do that!

So, Sean was done with breakfast, but was still a little hungry. I needed to work on emptying the dishes (still need to re-load, though. Nate.... ). Did I give him Cheerios? No. Did I give him some puffs? No Did I give him the yogurt melts that he loves oh so very much? No! What did I give him? Baby finger paint.
Yes, baby finger paint. Just a simple mixture of fruit and cereal watered down some so it's nice and semi-runny like paint. Not only is it real fun to smear around, squish through fingers and make a huge mess, but it also helps get those finger muscles working so maybe one day he'll point (he has the concept of pointing seeing he'll look in the direction you're pointing at, but he has still to point).
Did we have fun Sean?

(Yes, he also ate some...)

And I guess that I should just bite the bullet and explain yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photograph (Lord, help me…)
Sean figured out how to take is diaper off, again. I honestly think the first time was a happy accident for him caused by flipping a rolling around in his crib trying to find his corner (he likes to sleep with his head in the corner…). But this was a true, honest-to-God, he took the diapie off all by himself event……… and then proceeded to discover his boy parts.

He also saw the camera and decided to pose for the latest new installment of “Babies Gone Wild.”

It’s really not a big deal. I mean, he found his little baby boy parts; it’s just like finding his fingers or toes. It’s a part of his body and he should be entitled to explore it and figure out what it does, just like any other part of his body. It’s not a big deal, so I’m not going to treat it like one… until he starts undressing in public…

Other than dealing with a nude baby, how an I doing. Well, I have contracted Tiny Chicken Disease so my nose feels like a leaky faucet. Nate also had Tiny Chicken Disease,only his tiny chickens laid rotten eggs and thus has a sinus infection! Great.... He is feeling better, though. Sean also had this chicken disease, but only because those two front teeth are cutting in but don't want to poke through!
The inverters of Puffs tissues are my best friend right now....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Word-full Wednesday?

Okay, so I made a post on Sunday evening, I get it just about done, and the internet crashes and didn't save what I had written. GRRRR! And the icing on the cake (mmmm....cake....), the server isn't letting me upload a photo for Wordless Wednesday. But I guess it isn't that bad; I mean, I get to talk your ear off, right?

So, Sunday my darling mother -in-law (and that is sincere) came to visit her little Irish grandbaby. She and my sister-in-law had come down on Friday and stayed with my brother-in-law and his family right out of the city limits. She was suppose to come up on Saturday, but all hell (yes, hell. H-E- double toothpick. I said it!) broke loose and between co-worker's mothers dieing, and my sister-in-law using the only car (we never did see her...) and mother-in-law having to watch my nephew so brother -in-law could fill in for said co-worker... well, Sunday seemed to be better.
I was kind that Kathy (mother-in-law) was able to come, just her. I think that it's important that Sean has some one-on-one time with his other grandma. My mom get's a lot of it, but Kathy lives out of state and, well, it's hard to get together sometimes.
We went out for an after church lunch and Sean promptly took a nap as soon as we got home. "Ahh. Sean is resting. So nice, since he was up a lot the night before teething. We'll let him sleep for an hour and a half" Well, that lasted all of 45 minutes when he woke up pooping himself. He was MAD! He was fine it I was holding him, but not Daddy. And Grandma? Don't even go there.
He was fussy for, maybe half-an-hour, but after he woke up more, he decided that Grandma was okay to crawl around on the floor with him. I got dinner ready
Scott and Naomi came over for dinner, we are, we talked, we did dishes, the three left and the three of us crashed! Phew! What a day!

Well, tonight I had a cake class. Sean needed a sitter, so Auntie Naomi came to watch Mr. Monkey Butt! He was pretty good for her, I heard. He cryed for about 15 minutes but dozed off. He's teething and he's going through a groth spurt. I feel so bad for him! But this was the first time that Naomi had the chance to have Sean all to herself! I think that she really enjoyed it.

But, I'm tired now. I made a metric butt ton of baby food today and am now wiped.

Goodnight voiced
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday