Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Blooded

It is so hot here in the heart of Iowa, the HX is well over 115! I'm glad I don't have to work outside in this weather! Just being out the short time to let my brothers dogs use the potty makes me want to get sick.
With the weather as crappy as it it ( I thought I saw a guy outside dressed in red with a pointy tail and a pitchfork) I just want to remind y'all of how dangerous this weather can be.
  1. DRINK WATER!! Not iced tea, not soda, water. Your body looses a lot in weather like this and dehydration is not just not fun, but deadly! Give it to your pets, kids and the elderly.
  2. CHECK ON ELDERLY FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS - As one get's older, the body keeps less water in it's cells, has a harder time maintaining body temperature and has a hard time recognizing thirst. The elderly are at a far higher risk of heat related illness or death than others. Make sure they have air conditioning, if they don't get them somewhere that does, and OFFER WATER! Every time you enter or leave a room, offer them a drink. This was law at the nursing home I worked at.
  3. KEEP PETS INDOORS - Dogs and cats can develop heat related illness in as little as 10 minutes. Keep your fur babies inside with plenty of water.
  4. NEVER NEVER NEVER LEAVE A CHILD IN A CAR!!!!!!! - I cannot stress this one enough. I know that all it takes is one sleeping baby and one sleep deprived parent for an accident to happen, but please be hyper vigilant. A inside of a car is much hotter than the temperature outside and will get that hot in a matter of minutes. Babies and small children cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adults and will get very sick or die in a short time.
If you do see a child in a car without the motor running,
  • GET THEN OUT! If you have to break a window, do so, this child's life is far more important than the insurance clam you might have to file.
  • CALL 911! Explain what you found and what you did and request an ambulance and police right away.
  • GET THE CHILD SOMEWHERE COOL! Get the baby/child into the building and strip the down to their undergarments, then apply cool (not cold) damp cloths to the skin.When inside, have someone to find the parent/guardian.
  • RESUSCITATE IF NEEDED!!! If the child is not breathing or does not have a pulse, begin mouth-to-mouth and/or CPR. If you do not know how to do these, have someone who does administer. Child CPR is different than adult, so please educate yourself in both.
  • STAY WITH THE CHILD UNTIL HELP COMES!!! Even if the child's parent get's there, stay with them until the police arrive, they may need to take your statement.
I hope that none of you ever have to do any of these steeps, but it is better to know what to do and never use it then being in the situation and not knowing what to do.
Just to show how dangorus it is to leave a child in a car in this heat, the local weather crew here actually baked cookies in a car! SERIOUSLY! That's like leaving your baby in the oven!

Please keep safe everyone! Stay cool!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm not fat!

One of my favorite lines to tell people when my weight comes up is "I'm not fat! I'm fluffy!" (thanks Miss Lime). But the truth is, I do need to loose some pounds. And I've been trying. My health is relitivly good, need to work on the trigs, but other than that, docotrs arn't too worried about it. But I have been trying.
My plan was, before the babino, to go on a bike ride on the trail by our hous after work at Cookies. That got blown out of the water.
I'm also having a hard time movin' and shakin' it recently because I'm just so tired! I was like this with Sean, where all the energy I have is just sucked out by the growing baby. That's how he got his nick-name.
Does anyone have ay advice on how do get some exercise in when I'm tired and preggo? Help?